Creative Tourism Limes

In 2013 the Creative Tourism Limes program was initiated for the first time. In the 2013 travelling season it marks a new prototype of touristic offers, marketing and regional cooperation with the LIMES Large Scale Demonstrator in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate Limes region.

Creative Tourism Limes

The Creative Tourism Limes program begun in cooperation with approximately 90 regional businesses, artists and tourist agencies. Regrettably, in its first year the program can only be offered in the German language, which is why the website is in German only. Creative Tourism Limes works together with Creative Tourism Austria ( The program for 2013 was sponsored by:

  • The Romantic Rhine Tourism Association mbH
  • The Koblenz Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • The Rhein-Lahn Commerce Support Association mbH
  • The Bad Hoenningen community Association, Creative Tourism Austria
  • The State of Rheinland-Pfalz Project Development Association mbH (PER)


E-Bike Tours along the Limes

The many hills and valleys of the Limes world heritage site and the Middle Rhine regions can easily and comfortably be explored with e-bikes. Besides being a prototype for regional tourism the program’s goal is - in addition to great enjoyment for the tourist – to gain new knowledge for many other e-bike options in the Limes region.


LIMES-Large Scale Demonstrator

The LIMES large-scale Demonstrator contributes to the valorization of mobile services for sustainable tourism in all 10 European countries along the Roman limes and supports the mobility in rural European regions by highly innovative mobile services. 10 EU member states, historically and culturally connected by the Roman limes, will identify services for tourism and mobility in rural areas. These services will be showcased in Germany, Austria and Bulgaria. A “role model” for applications will be developed with representatives of seven additional limes countries in order to connect all limes sites via mobile services. Additionally, opportunities for new touristic businesses along the limes will be explored.

This publication has been produced as part of the European Creative Industries Alliance/European Mobile and Mobility Industries Alliance. The views expressed in this publication, as well as the information included in it, do not necessarily reflect the opinion or position of the European Commission and in no way commit the institution.